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Thermal Paper Roll 3 1/8X220ft 200ft 2 1/4X100ft

Thermal Paper Roll 3 1/8X220ft 200ft 2 1/4X100ft,Thermal Paper Roll

We are professional paper manufacturer which mainly produce thermal papers used on POS machines, which include POS thermal paper common POS papers, double-ply and multi-ply POS papers; Fax papers, copy papers and printing papers.

Printed POS Thermal Paper
OEM printing available
High brightness smooth
2-5 years life woodfree paper
Different sizes availalbe
80mmx80mm 80mmx70mm 57mmx50mm 57mmx70mm
3 1/8x220ft, 3 1/8x273ft, 3 1/8x200ft 3 1/8x230ft, 2 1/4x100ft, 2 1/4x90ft

ATM roll sizes: 80x100mm, 80x150mm, 80x165mm, 80x200mm

Any size is available, all sizes are customerized

Product Description
1) High whiteness, even coating and very smooth, with lowest fray of printer.
2) First-grade quality paper used in cutting, well rolling and packing.
3) Different specifications can be made according to clients’ requirements.
4) Core can be plastic or paper cores according to clients’ requirements.
5) Normal stability against ambient influence: Heat, humidity, light, grease, ethanol.
6) GSM: According to the customer’s needs.
7) Width (mm): And Diameter (mm): We can produce according to the customer needs.

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