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Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls

Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls

Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls

Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls
12000m or 6000meters length, width, 405mm, 645mm, 565mm, 795mm, 844mm,
1. 92% brightness
2. Smooth surface
3. 2~5 years image life
4. OEM pre-printing
5. Various sizes available

Thermal paper roll
thermal paper roll for ATM
Thermal paper roll for Cash register or POS
popular sizes: 80x80mm, 80x70mm, 80x60mm, 57x70mm, 57x50mm, 57x40mm

80x80m. 80x70m, 80x60m, 80x50m, 57x50m, 57x25m, 57x15m

ATM roll: 80x150mm, 80x200mm, 80x165mm so on…

. High brightness, 2~5 years image life, smooth surface with lowest fray on printer heads
. High tightness, evenly cut, decently packed to ensure the products reach customers in well condition.
. Various core sizes and roll sizes available, to be customized at customer’s requests
. We are specially competitive over preprinted rolls and OEM preprinted rolls
. Advanced facilities and efficient production control ensure customers the fastest delivery, e. G., 7~10 days after receipt of order confirmation.
.Consistent quality, strict guarantee terms,always in-time service, maximize customers’ profit on working with us.

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