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Thermal Fax Roll

Thermal Fax Roll

Thermal Fax Roll,We mainly produce Thermal paper rolls, Thermal register paper, Thermal Register tapes, Thermal Fax paper, fax roll, cash register paper, bond paper rolls, ATM paper, ticket paper, lottery paper, POS rolls, carbonless paper, computer printing paper, continuous form, copy paper…etc

 Thermal Fax Roll
TFS21020 210x20m   TFS21025 210x25m   TFS21030 210x30m   TFS21050 210x50m   TFS210100 210x100m   TFS21620 216x20m   TFS21625 216x25m TFS21630 216x30m   TFS21650 216x50m   TFS216100 216x100m   TFS25720 257x20m   TFS25725 257x25m   TFS25730 257x30m   TFS25750 257x50m TFS257100 257x100m

Remark All kinds of size paper   roll is available to us;

OEM is acceptable to us

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