Ncr Carbonless Paper Factory

Ncr Carbonless Paper Factory,Carbonless paper are used for books or pads where multiple copies are required,eg invoice books,order books,application forms etc.

1. High Quality NCR Paper

2. Classification: CB, CFB, CF

3. NCR Carbonless copy paper Standard size:
1) sheets NCR paper: 700X1000mm, 600X900mm, we can also provide other specifications as per the customers request. The products size ranges can be from 420mmX530mm to 1420mmX1420mm
2) rolling NCR paper: 190mmX6000m, 241mmX6000m, 381mmX6000m, other specifications can also be provided according to the customers request.

4. Gram weight: CB 46-120g CFB 50-55g CF 47-80g

5. Material: 100% virgin wood pulp

6. Image: Blue & Black

7. Color: CB: White
CFB: White, pink, blue, green, yellow
CF: White, pink, blue, green, yellow

8. Package: Our products are packed with thin plastic inside and kraft paper or carton box outside. Of course, we can also pack as per customers request.

9. Packing: For sheets NCR paper: 500sheets/ream, 22-27reams/pallets
For rolling NCR paper: Wrapping film1.color of
2.regular basis weight(gsm):48 CB.50 CFB.48 CB.(46-120gsm)
3.regular roll width size:241mm(size can be customized)


products Carbonless copy paper/NCR paper/sheet or roll
Classification CB/CFB/CF
Color White/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green in blue image
Regular sheet spec 787*1092mm;889*1194mm;880*615mm;And also be customized.


Regular grammage 45, 50, 55, 80 CB white or tinted;
47, 50, 55, 80 CF white or tinted;
50, 52 CFB white or tinted;
Official packing details 500sheets/ream
MOQ 13Metric tons
Price USD1200-1550/Metric tons
Raw material composition 100% wood pulp/Mixed wood pulp
Advantages Easy to operate.High quality

Security performance is good

Color clear

Carbonless paper are bond papers which are been chemically coated to react when pressure is applied (from a pen, output printer, etc.) One coating, CB (coated back) consists of microcapsules containing colourforming dyes. Under pressure, these capsules rupture, releasing the dyes which are then absorbed by the second sheet, CFB (coated front and back). This pressure causes the following sheets to react in the same way until the last sheet CF (coated font) reached.Advantage of our carbonless paper:

1.Raw paper:the base paper we use is of high quality.which is 100% wood pulp paper.

2.Equipment:our coaters are top-ranking in China owning the capability of double coating.