Ncr Carbonless Paper Factory

Ncr Carbonless Paper Factory,Carbonless paper are used for books or pads where multiple copies are required,eg invoice books,order books,application forms etc.

1. High Quality NCR Paper

2. Classification: CB, CFB, CF

3. NCR Carbonless copy paper Standard size:
1) sheets NCR paper: 700X1000mm, 600X900mm, we can also provide other specifications as per the customers request. The products size ranges can be from 420mmX530mm to 1420mmX1420mm
2) rolling NCR paper: 190mmX6000m, 241mmX6000m, 381mmX6000m, other specifications can also be provided according to the customers request.

4. Gram weight: CB 46-120g CFB 50-55g CF 47-80g

5. Material: 100% virgin wood pulp

6. Image: Blue & Black

7. Color: CB: White
CFB: White, pink, blue, green, yellow
CF: White, pink, blue, green, yellow

8. Package: Our products are packed with thin plastic inside and kraft paper or carton box outside. Of course, we can also pack as per customers request.

9. Packing: For sheets NCR paper: 500sheets/ream, 22-27reams/pallets
For rolling NCR paper: Wrapping film1.color of
2.regular basis weight(gsm):48 CB.50 CFB.48 CB.(46-120gsm)
3.regular roll width size:241mm(size can be customized)


products Carbonless copy paper/NCR paper/sheet or roll
Classification CB/CFB/CF
Color White/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green in blue image
Regular sheet spec 787*1092mm;889*1194mm;880*615mm;And also be customized.


Regular grammage 45, 50, 55, 80 CB white or tinted;
47, 50, 55, 80 CF white or tinted;
50, 52 CFB white or tinted;
Official packing details 500sheets/ream
MOQ 13Metric tons
Price USD1200-1550/Metric tons
Raw material composition 100% wood pulp/Mixed wood pulp
Advantages Easy to operate.High quality

Security performance is good

Color clear

Carbonless paper are bond papers which are been chemically coated to react when pressure is applied (from a pen, output printer, etc.) One coating, CB (coated back) consists of microcapsules containing colourforming dyes. Under pressure, these capsules rupture, releasing the dyes which are then absorbed by the second sheet, CFB (coated front and back). This pressure causes the following sheets to react in the same way until the last sheet CF (coated font) reached.Advantage of our carbonless paper:

1.Raw paper:the base paper we use is of high quality.which is 100% wood pulp paper.

2.Equipment:our coaters are top-ranking in China owning the capability of double coating.


Environment Friendly NCR Paper

NCR Paper is an environment friendly paper that boasts of excellent quality. NCR or No Carbon Required Paper is the preferred choice amongst a range of different industries which have reiterated their commitment to environmental causes. The enterprises use it for preparing record sheets, invoice printing purchase orders, balance sheets and several other kinds of financial statements. For obvious reasons, NCR enjoy several advantages over conventional (or carbon) paper, which is not known for its environment-friendliness.

Advantages Of NCR Paper

One of the biggest advantages with NCR paper is that it enables you to make duplicate copies in a convenient manner without needed to use carbon papers. This form of paper is increasingly being used for legal purposes like preparing contracts, leases and other agreements. In addition, it also easily available at your nearest office supplies stores, which is why it is extensively used by big as well as small sized enterprises.

There are different kinds of forms like data forms, carbonless firms and Blank Carbonless Paper. In this context, the advantages of NCR paper are brought to the fore because it is extremely thin and easy to use. This means that one does not need to exert too much while writing on the paper. Additionally, users can also buy NCR papers in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes to experiment accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, many industries are increasingly opting for NCR papers for completing their paper work. However, they also do that for boosting their image amongst their peers and rivals. That is because this paper is now regarded as a matter of prestige and status that acts as a catalyst to augment your business’s success and reputation. By embracing NCR paper, many environment-friendly businesses also create a good example for others to follow and help them become role models in their respective fields.


NCR Paper Cost-effective in Document Duplication

CCP paper (Carbonless copy paper) or NCR paper (No Carbon Required paper) is a substitute to carbon paper and is used for making copies of handwritten, original or even mechanically typed document without any use of electronics. Although photocopiers struck a great blow to carbon paper, a technology was developed by the National Cash Register Company in 1954, NCR paper or non carbon paper has the potential to eliminate the use of carbon paper entirely. This technology works in a simple way. The carbonless copy paper consists of sheets of paper that are coated with ink or micro-encapsulated dye and/or reactive clay. When you write on the sheets, the pressure from the point of any writing instruments such as pen or type writer causes break in the micro-capsules to spill their dye. As these capsules are very small, the obtained print is very accurate.

NCR Paper Cost-effective in Document Duplication

NCR paper provides a professional and clean image for any of the multi-part document. The images remain clean, intense and legible for easy readability for a long period of time. It is used by both small and large companies to a create multi-part forms such as production orders, medical forms, expense reports, packing slips, purchase requisitions and many more. These forms significantly impact productivity and quality of work positively indicating that it is a better option when compared with carbon paper. It has made work more effective and efficient. The best part about them is that they are cost-effective to many companies as they reduce costs on productivity and paper material.

You can buy NCR paper from any office store. However, you would also pay an additional amount to cover the distribution costs and retailer’s rent. Hence, you should buy you MCR paper directly from various online stores to get the best deal. You can choose you NCR paper size, color, style and much more according to your requirements and within your budget.

how does ncr paper work

How the Carbonless Paper Work?

How the Carbonless Paper Work?

Carbonless Paper is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, laser-compatible carbonless paper solution ideal for converting continuous carbonless forms to a laser format.

Before carbonless paper was invented, multipart forms were made up of sheets of regular paper separated by sheets of thin, tissue-like carbon paper—often referred to as “carbon interleaved.”

A user would write (or impact print) on the front of the form, and the pressure from the writing or printing would cause the carbon from each sheet of carbon paper to image on the piece of paper beneath it.

Disadvantages of Carbon Forms

Though very common, carbon forms had a number of disadvantages. First, they could be extremely messy, often leaving users with black carbon on their fingers and anything else they touched.

Second, once the forms had been completed and the carbon sheets were removed and discarded, the information that had been printed on the forms could be read on the discarded carbon paper, making security an issue with certain types of forms.


Carbonless paper is coated with two different types of chemicals: CF or Coated Front, and CB or Coated Back. These chemicals are held in tiny capsules and are released when the capsules are burst by pressure from a pen or printer.


When the CF and CB chemicals interact, the CF chemicals darken causing an image to appear on the CF side of the sheet. One easy way to tell that the CF and CB chemicals are different is that the image appears on only the front sheet; there is no image on the back of any sheets.

Since this type of paper produces an image without carbon, it is called “carbonless paper.”

The Difference Between Traditional Carbonless Paper and Carbonless Laser Paper

The most important difference between traditional carbonless paper and carbonless laser paper is that traditional carbonless paper is manufactured with solvent-based chemicals that can damage critical printer components, including rollers, drums and other printer components.

Carbonless laser paper is designed specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers. Since its imaging capsules are not solvent based, they cause no damage to the components of the printer.

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