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NCR Paper Cost-effective in Document Duplication

CCP paper (Carbonless copy paper) or NCR paper (No Carbon Required paper) is a substitute to carbon paper and is used for making copies of handwritten, original or even mechanically typed document without any use of electronics. Although photocopiers struck a great blow to carbon paper, a technology was developed by the National Cash Register Company in 1954, NCR paper or non carbon paper has the potential to eliminate the use of carbon paper entirely. This technology works in a simple way. The carbonless copy paper consists of sheets of paper that are coated with ink or micro-encapsulated dye and/or reactive clay. When you write on the sheets, the pressure from the point of any writing instruments such as pen or type writer causes break in the micro-capsules to spill their dye. As these capsules are very small, the obtained print is very accurate.

NCR Paper Cost-effective in Document Duplication

NCR paper provides a professional and clean image for any of the multi-part document. The images remain clean, intense and legible for easy readability for a long period of time. It is used by both small and large companies to a create multi-part forms such as production orders, medical forms, expense reports, packing slips, purchase requisitions and many more. These forms significantly impact productivity and quality of work positively indicating that it is a better option when compared with carbon paper. It has made work more effective and efficient. The best part about them is that they are cost-effective to many companies as they reduce costs on productivity and paper material.

You can buy NCR paper from any office store. However, you would also pay an additional amount to cover the distribution costs and retailer’s rent. Hence, you should buy you MCR paper directly from various online stores to get the best deal. You can choose you NCR paper size, color, style and much more according to your requirements and within your budget.

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