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Carbonless Copy Paper

Carbonless Copy Paper/NCR paper/sheet or roll,CB/CFB/CF,White/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green in blue image.

Carbonless papers are used for books or pads where multiple copies are required,eg invoice books,order books,application forms etc.

1. High Quality NCR Paper

2. Classification: CB, CFB, CF

3. NCR Carbonless copy paper Standard size:
1) sheets NCR paper: 700X1000mm, 600X900mm, we can also provide other specifications as per the customers request. The products size ranges can be from 420mmX530mm to 1420mmX1420mm
2) rolling NCR paper: 190mmX6000m, 241mmX6000m, 381mmX6000m, other specifications can also be provided according to the customers request.

4. Gram weight: CB 46-120g CFB 50-55g CF 47-80g

5. Material: 100% virgin wood pulp

6. Image: Blue & Black

7. Color: CB: White
CFB: White, pink, blue, green, yellow
CF: White, pink, blue, green, yellow

8. Package: Our products are packed with thin plastic inside and kraft paper or carton box outside. Of course, we can also pack as per customers request.

9. Packing: For sheets NCR paper: 500sheets/ream, 22-27reams/pallets
For rolling NCR paper: Wrapping film1.color of paper:pink.blue.green.yellow.white
2.regular basis weight(gsm):48 CB.50 CFB.48 CB.(46-120gsm)
3.regular roll width size:241mm(size can be customized)

1.Raw paper:the base paper we use is of high quality.which is 100% wood pulp paper.

2.Equipment:our coaters are top-ranking in China owning the capability of double coating.

products Carbonless Copy Paper/NCR paper/sheet or roll
Classification CB/CFB/CF
Color White/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green in blue image
Regular sheet spec 787*1092mm;889*1194mm;880*615mm;And also be customized.


Regular grammage 45, 50, 55, 80 CB white or tinted;
47, 50, 55, 80 CF white or tinted;
50, 52 CFB white or tinted;
Official packing details 500sheets/ream
MOQ 13Metric tons
Price USD1200-1550/Metric tons
Raw material composition 100% wood pulp/Mixed wood pulp
Advantages Easy to operate.High quality

Security performance is good

Color clear


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