A4 Paper 70-75-80 GSM Copy Paper-Computer printing paper

A4 Paper 70-75-80 gsm Computer printing paper

A4 Paper 70-75-80 gsm Computer printing paper,A4 copy paper factory,Wholesale Price.

Computer printing paper is mainly used for banks,supermarkets,post offices and other report data documents,certificates and other spending.Our computer printing paper is the use of 100% wood pulp paper. Can provide single, two, three, four, five, six according to customer requirements, all white or colored paper.

1.Paper rigid moderate stiffness, high tensile strength, high-speed printing is not easy to crack.
2 pitch accurate, stacked with neat, take the paper and smooth; pressure line balancing, so go oblique curl.
3 high-speed dot matrix printer for continuous billing / data massive output.
4 color clear uniform, save for long.

5 Paper size 241mmx279mm, 381mmx279mm, 120mmx279mm and so on.

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A4 210mm x 297mm


100% Virgin Wood Pulp

Place of origin

China (mainland)










up 95

Packaging:500sheets/ream,5 reams/carton

Mini Order QTY:  1X20FCL 1X40FCL
70GSM 8500reams 12600reams
75GSM 8200reams 11800reams
80GSM 7800reams 11200reams

NCR Paper The Paper Of Tomorrow

No Carbon Required, also known as NCR paper has become talk of the town off late. Wondering why? In times when global warming and environmental pollution have become major concerns and are endangering the very existence of mankind, No Carbon Required paper has come as a boon. Besides being eco-friendly in nature, this paper is priced pretty low in comparison to the traditional carbon paper. This is perhaps the reason why more and more people are switching towards using this kind of paper. As stated earlier, NCR paper does not include carbon in it, hence it is safe to use and can be recycled without releasing any harmful gases into the environment.

NCR Paper The Paper Of Tomorrow

NCR paper has become quite popular among different industries, especially the printing media industry for printing and designing purpose. However, other industries are also using NCR paper for printing their invoices, for maintaining books of accounts, purchase orders etc. Some of the benefits that users derive by using NCR papers are:

· Environmental friendly paper.
· While writing on these papers you need not exert any kind of pressure since there is no carbon compound in it.
· No carbon required paper is available in various forms, colors and sizes thus giving the user wide options to choose from.
· This form of paper is useful for when making more number of copies since it is cheaper than carbon paper.
· The accuracy achieved by using this paper is far more superior to normal paper since they do not use any dry ink unlike traditional carbon paper.
· Cost of this paper is pretty low when compared to traditional form of carbon paper hence by switching to this paper you can keep your variable costs under control thereby increase your overall profitability.

So, next time when you plan to purchase paper for your business, buy NCR paper.