Environment Friendly NCR Paper

NCR Paper is an environment friendly paper that boasts of excellent quality. NCR or No Carbon Required Paper is the preferred choice amongst a range of different industries which have reiterated their commitment to environmental causes. The enterprises use it for preparing record sheets, invoice printing purchase orders, balance sheets and several other kinds of financial statements. For obvious reasons, NCR enjoy several advantages over conventional (or carbon) paper, which is not known for its environment-friendliness.

Advantages Of NCR Paper

One of the biggest advantages with NCR paper is that it enables you to make duplicate copies in a convenient manner without needed to use carbon papers. This form of paper is increasingly being used for legal purposes like preparing contracts, leases and other agreements. In addition, it also easily available at your nearest office supplies stores, which is why it is extensively used by big as well as small sized enterprises.

There are different kinds of forms like data forms, carbonless firms and Blank Carbonless Paper. In this context, the advantages of NCR paper are brought to the fore because it is extremely thin and easy to use. This means that one does not need to exert too much while writing on the paper. Additionally, users can also buy NCR papers in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes to experiment accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, many industries are increasingly opting for NCR papers for completing their paper work. However, they also do that for boosting their image amongst their peers and rivals. That is because this paper is now regarded as a matter of prestige and status that acts as a catalyst to augment your business’s success and reputation. By embracing NCR paper, many environment-friendly businesses also create a good example for others to follow and help them become role models in their respective fields.

High Quality Carbonless NCR Paper

Carbonless Autocopy NCR Paper in Jumbo Reel

Carbonless Autocopy NCR Paper in Jumbo Reel

High Quality Carbonless NCR Paper
76mm x 76mm 2-PLY NCR Paper Roll
2-PLY NCR Cash Register Paper Roll
2-PLY Cash Register POS Paper Roll
2-PLY Carbonless Paper Roll

1) Smoothly cut, able to pass machine freely;
2) High quality NCR paper roll, smooth on both sides;
3) Any logo or advertisment can be pre-printed brightly and clearly
4) Core: Both plastic and paper core are available;
5) Common width: 28mm,37mm,44mm,57mm,76mm,80mm,82mm, but special size is also available.

SIZE: 76mm x 76mm; 76mm x 70mm; 76mm x 50mm; 82mm x 70mm
GRAMMAGE: 48gsm; 55gsm
CORE: 13mmx17mm plastic; 13mmx19mm cardboard; 12mmx22mm plastic; 16mmx22 cardboard etc.
PACKING: Shrink wrapping; Individual packing, OEM packing; Natural packing in waterproof bag
SAMPLE: Sample is free for freight collect.
PAYMENT TERM: 30% TT in advance, the balance against the copy of BL
DELIVERY DATE: 20 days after deposit receipt
CERTIFICATE: ISO9001-2008; Supplier Assessment by BV; SGS Factory Audit; ROHS; FSC

Cheap Carbonless Paper/NCR Paper Manufacturer

Cheap Carbonless Paper/NCR Paper Manufacturer in China

Cheap Carbonless Paper/NCR Paper Manufacturer in China

Cheap Carbonless Paper/NCR Paper Manufacturer

Our main products are thermal paper Jumbo, three proofing thermal paper, thermal paper rolls. NCR paper, NCR register paper, computer printing paper.  wood free paper, electrostatic Copy Paper,
self-adhesive label and so on.


Grades: Blue Images Black Images
Regular basis weights (gsm): CB: 45, 48, 50, 52, 55, 60, 70, 80
CFB: 50, 52, 55, 60, 70, 80
CF: 47, 50, 52, 55, 60, 70, 80
Color: white and tinted
Tinted: green, blue, yellow and white
Size: Rolls: 120-600mm, paper length = 6, 000m or 12, 000m but 6, 000m is highly recommended.
Sheets: 700*1000, 610*914, 690*890, 610*860, 770*1100; 720*920mm, etc
Export Packing: Wrapped inside with thin plastic film against moisture, and outside with heavy PE coated kraft paper
Wrapped inside with thin plastic film against moisture, and outside with corrugated paperboard or thick PE

If you are interested in our products, please kindly inform us of the size, weight, quantity and any other requirements. We’d like provide useful information asap. Sincerely hope to be your long-time business partner.

NCR Paper Factory Carbonless Copy Paper

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper factory

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper factory

NCR Paper Factory Carbonless Copy Paper

We are professional paper manufacturer which mainly produce thermal papers used on POS machines, which include POS thermal paper common POS papers, double-ply and multi-ply POS papers; Carbonless Paper, NCR paper, fax papers, copy papers and printing papers and A4 paper.

1.) Professional quality control system.
2.) Super smoothness surface and whiteness.
3.) Excellent colourful offset printability.
4.) Clearly imaged writing copy up to 7 pages.
5.) High surface strength, no smear or rub off onto hands or clothes.
6.) Dimensional stability and curl control for converting.

 Regular grammage:                                                                                                                                     1.) 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85gsm CF white or tinted;
2.) 50, 62, 72, 82gsm,CFB white or tinted;
3.) 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 107, 117, 127gsm CB white or tinted;

 Regular size:                                                                                                                                                 Sheets Size: 610×860, 700×100, 690×890, 787×1092, 889x1194mm etc.
Rolls Width: 150, 240, 241, 381, 482, 610, 700, 950mm etc
Customized Size and Package are negotiatotry, tell us your idea.

 Our Services:                                                                                                                                                  
1.) OEM and ODM Service
2.) Customized Design Printing or Package
3.) Free For Paper Sample

Carbonless Paper Quality Inspection Report:

Sample NRC Model 787*1092mm
NO. Items Unit Specification Test Data Conclusion
1 Tightness CB g/cm³ ≥0.67 0.71 Up To Standard
CFB 0.72
CF 0.72
2 Lightness % ≥75.0 87.2 Up To Standard
3 Opacity % ≥60.0 81.4 Up To Standard
4 CF Side Smoothness CFBs μm ≤7.00 5.69 Up To Standard
CF 6.00
5 CF Side Surface PH CFBs / 6.0~9.0 7.0 Up To Standard
CF 6.9
6 Maximum Warp CB mm ≤15 3.5 Up To Standard
CFB 4.5
CF 3.5
7 Resistance To Attrition CFB / ≤5.0 1.07 Up To Standard
CF 0.99
8 Color Sensitivity CFB % ≥80.0 97.8 Up To Standard
CF 98.6
9 Blue Color Sensitivity 24h CFB / ≥50.0 51.4 Up To Standard
CF 52.8
10 Light Fastness 144h CFB % ≥40.0 85.7 Up To Standard
CF 84.7
11 Transverse Shrinkage CB % ≤3.0 1.6 Up To Standard
CFB 2.5
CF 2.0

Best Quality Carbonless NCR Paper 60 GSM 50GSM 55GSM 70GSM 75GSM 80GSM



Best Quality Carbonless NCR Paper 60 GSM 50GSM 55GSM 70GSM 75GSM 80GSM,NCR Paper, Carbonless Paper, Office Paper manufacturer/supplier

NCR PAPER Carbonless Paper


Product  Carbonless Paper
Material 100% high quality virgin wood pulp
Size 889*1194mm,787*1092mm,787mm,880mm,889mm etc. And customized siz
OEM service Available
Sample Available for free
Base Weight 43-80GSM
Color Green/Pink/Yellow/Blue/White
Packing 500 sheets / ream, 25-27 reams/pallet, PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets.
Load QTY  14-17 tons per 20FT;  25 tons per 40FT

• Image color: Blue and Black
• Clear image, Aging-resistant, Good stiffness and printability
• Multi-ply image color and fast visualization
• Good durability for filing
Invoice, Billing, Banking statement, Commercial listing, Receipt roll and ATM transaction record, NCR SF base paper, Cut-size, Continuous form

500 sheets / ream, 25-27 reams/pallet, PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets.

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper

Carbonless Paper Roll NCR Paper,Carbonless  Copy  Paper,carbonless paper factory,carbonless paper manufacturers

NCR copy paper

1. High surface strength, cannot smear or rub off onto hands or clothes.

2. Dimensional stability and curl control for converting.

3. Coating weight profile and good smoothness.

4. Instant and clear copy image Carbonless paper Classification: CB, CFB, CF Standard size: 615*880mm, 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm Grammage weight: CB 45-53G CFB 47-55g CF 45-53G Material: 100% wood pulp or other mixed pulp Image: CB white CFB white, pink, blue, green, yellow CF white, pink, blue, green, yellow

Product Carbonless  Copy  Paper
Classification CB, CFB, CF
Substance CB:   46-50gsm,   white CFB:   50-55gsm,   white  green,   pink,   blue  yellow CF:   47GSM-55GSM,   white,   green  pink  blue  yellow
Paper  Roll No
Standard  Size 787*1092mm, 61x86cm,   24″ x36″ , 880mm*615mm Besides  we  can  also  provide  other  specifications  as  the  customers’   request.
Material 100%  wood  pulp,   Mixed  wood  pulp
Color white,   pink,   yellow,   green,   blue,
Image Blue
Package 1.500  sheets  /  ream,   25-27  reams/pallet 2. Inner  packing:   thin  plastic 3. Outer  packing:   Kraft  paper  or  carton  , able  to  be  customized  at  customers’   requests  Applications
MOQ one  20′ fcl  container
Delivery  term 15days  after  receiving  the  deposit
Payment  term T/T(50%  in  advance+the  balance  50%  against  the  copy  of  B/L)
Sample We  would  like  to  offer  a  free  sample,   if  you  are  willing  to  pay  for  the  international  express.
OEM OEM  Service  Offered      Buyer  Label  Offered