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2-1/4 inch x 85ft Thermal Receipt Paper

2-1.4 inch x 85ft Thermal Receipt Paper

2-1/4 inch x 85ft Thermal Receipt Paper,2-1/4 inch wide by 85ft Thermal Receipt Paper is a common Thermal Roll used in Credit Card Terminals manufactured by Hypercom, Nurit and Verifone.  2.25″ x 85′ Thermal Rolls are also used in several Casio, Samsung and Sharp Cash Registers.

2-1/4 inch x 85ft Thermal Receipt Paper Specifications
Roll Width: 2-1/4 inch  (58mm)
Roll Diameter: 1-3/4 inch
Roll Length: 85ft
Core Outside Diameter: 7/16″ Core Size
Roll per Carton: 50 Rolls
Image: Black (5+ years)

For use in the following Credit Card Terminals, Printer, Cash Registers & More:

Casio CE-T100, Casio PRC-T465, Casio PRC-TE2000, Casio TE-2000, Casio TE-3000, Casio TE-4500, Casio TE-7000, Casio TE-8500

Citizen CMB262, Citizen CMB270

EBW Auto Stik 950

Hypercom I.C.E. 4000, Hypercom I.C.E. 5000, Hypercom I.C.E. 5500, Hypercom I.C.E. 6500

Nurit 504, Nurit 505, Nurit 2080, Nurit 2085, Nurit 2090, Nurit 3000, Nurit 3010, Nurit 3020, Nurit 5000

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